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  • 100% Purity & No Aftertaste 800mg EPA / 600mg DHA

  • 800mg EPA / 600mg DHA

    EPA & DHA are the primary active compounds found in Omega-3 which studies have shown can reduce unhealthy triglyceride levels in the blood and and improve cognitive function.*


Read about the clinical studies done on Omega-3.*

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What is Omega-3 & How Does it Work?

Only a Quality Omega-3 Will Help You Achieve Optimal Health

Premium Omega3OK, first things first - it's important to understand that not all Omega-3 supplements are created equal. Only a high quality, pharmaceutical grade Omega-3 supplement is going to get you the results you are looking for. And to be more specific, it must be 100% pure fish oil that only comes from deep ocean waters, not farm raised fish, and have at least 800mg EPA and 600mg DHA per daily serving with no added ingredients, fillers or binders except the capsule and flavor.

Why 800mgs of EPA and 600mgs of DHA? Because that is the kind found effective in clinical studies. And high dosage EPA+DHA, pharmaceutical grade deep ocean Omega-3 is the kind of Omega-3 that was used in the clinical studies found in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition®, where participants saw significant health benefits from taking Omega-3 supplements.*

Assuming that we're talking about a high quality Omega-3 supplement, what is it and how does it work? Omega-3 fatty acids are a kind of healthy fat found in cold-water fish and certain plants and nuts. Omega-3 contains the key ingredients Eicosapentaenoic Acid (EPA) and Docosahexaenoic Acid (DHA) which make Omega-3 such a unique supplement.

Omega-3 that is derived from cold-water oily fish, such as salmon, herring, mackerel, anchovies, and sardines is the most effective. Oils from these fish have a profile of around seven times as much omega-3 oils than other fish.

What is the Key to Omega-3?

EPA & DHA are the key to optimal health and are found in abundance inside a premium Omega-3 supplement like Omega-3 Premium™.

The primary active compounds in Omega-3 are EPA and DHA which are primarily found in certain fish. Research has shown that these healthy fatty acids can improve cardiovascular health, boost cognitive function, and reduce joint inflammation.*

While many health supplements exert only one effect on the body, Omega-3 sets itself apart as a multi-action solution that not only improves physical health, but also boosts mental performance.*

Omega-3 Promotes Optimum Health!

Americans only eat an average of 100 to 200 milligrams of EPA and DHA daily. That's not nearly enough Omega-3 for the human body to maintain optimal health.

Our bodies require Omega-3 to function properly, but we are unable to produce it ourselves, making it an essential part of our diet. While Omega-3 is found in some plants and nuts, the amounts of these foods that most people consume on a daily basis is not enough to provide sufficient levels of EPA and DHA. Taking an Omega-3 supplement that is high in EPA & DHA daily gives our bodies the amounts these compounds that we need to stay healthy.

When we take Omega-3 we are reducing the amount of unhealthy fats found in the body and replacing them with healthy nutrients. EPA and DHA give your mind and body the boost they need to function properly.

What's the Science Behind Omega-3?

And Does it Really Work?

How Omega3 WorksNatural Omega-3 is safe to take and has been proven effective in clinical studies. The problem is when manufacturers attempt to put out an inferior product and reduce its effectiveness. Synthetically produced Omega-3 from a lab and low amounts of EPA and DHA in a product will essentially make an Omega-3 product ineffective.*

The most famous clinical studies of Omega-3 were published in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition®, scientists used high dosage EPA+DHA, pharmaceutical grade Omega-3 to study its effects on the heart and the brain. The study documents the positive effects Omega-3 has on cardiovascular and cognitive health. You can see the full clinical studies by Clicking here.*

Omega-3 is the ultimate tool to help you stay healthy. It has been all over the news for a reason. But make sure you only buy a premium Omega-3 product that will actually improve your health and not just some liquid in a pill.*